3. How will AI change work and planning processes?


Imaging AI tools are currently particularly present in idea generation and architectural design. It is to be expected that AI tools in the form of assistance systems will take over the handling of repetitive and information-based processes. These include internal office data processing and management (address management, invoicing, etc.), optimization processes (variant analyses for floor plans or 3D models) or final processes (compliance with standards and regulations, compliance with room programs as well as actual and target construction).

The further AI-supported process chains reach and are linked, the more efficient and far-reaching planning processes will change. Several research projects in the construction sector are currently focusing on the comprehensive integration of AI applications in planning. The automated recording and modelling of existing buildings, the documentation of construction progress, support in the processing of tenders and specifications or in the execution of construction work, as well as the automatic recording and optimization of construction processes (time/cost/sustainability) using AI could simplify planning processes in the future. At the same time, it is foreseeable that more monitoring and inspection processes will be required to guarantee the quality assurance of AI-supported services.