6. What does the implementation of AI systems in the office look like and will training be necessary?


Various scenarios are currently discernible that make different implementation strategies conceivable:

  • Tools that are provided as plug-ins by software manufacturers, either integrated into the system or by third-party providers: Training by providers and possibly by chambers (software-independent) is required here.
  • Stand-alone software products (web-based or local): Training may be required here, depending on the interface and complexity of the software.
  • User interfaces for visual or simplified programming of simple AI tools: No in-depth IT knowledge will be required for this.
  • The independent development of AI tools for your own use: This requires specialized IT knowledge that certainly cannot be mapped in every office.

Entering the correct “prompts” – comparable to the entries in search engines – is critical for generating targeted results. This may require training or more time spent on self-taught learning. The Internet offers a wealth of information on possible training courses. The chambers of architects are also increasingly expanding their training and further education programs on the subject of AI.