7. What about the availability of data, data protection and copyright?


The availability of data is an essential basis for the use of AI. This is still insufficiently available to the public in the construction industry, especially in the planning sector. In cooperation with the public sector and data-holding institutions, planners must therefore decide how sufficient data can be made available and to whom it is available and under what conditions. Open data interfaces via the software tools used are important here. Structured data could also be made available as part of the digital building permit process.

Another important point is the quality of the data. As is now well known, existing data can also exhibit distortions. AI-generated content can reproduce stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination that have been incorporated during data collection or data training. Responsibility, sensitivity, critical analysis and professional expertise are therefore urgently required when dealing with the results generated by AI.

In addition, copyright issues relating to designs generated with the help of AI tools must be clarified depending on the AI engine used, software usage agreements and individual use cases. The issue of copyright protection in the AI context is currently receiving more and more political attention, for example in the AI Act at EUEU Europäische Union level. The chambers of architects are campaigning for clarification in the interests of the architectural profession at both national and European levels.